The Grandmother Of All Deals!

The Grandmother Of All Deals!

Here’s a really, really sweet deal that I’m offering for 48
hours only. It ends at 4pm Central On Thursday, June 17, 2021.

I call it the Grandmother of all deals, because while mothers
treat their kids great, nobody treats you better than grandma!

This deal provides practically all of the tools that any
online marketer need, regardless of experience level.

It begins with my very favorite membership site, one that I’ve
been a member of for 8 years or so.

This site is called Unselfish Marketer because when the owner
first started it, all of the other “Internet Marketers” could
not believe how GENEROUS he was. So, they dubbed him The
Unselfish Marketer, and he continues living up to that name.

In a minute, I’m going to send you over to read about his offer.
I’ll send you to::

There, the first thing that you’ll notice is that I sent you
to a “Backdoor” where you can get the monthly membership
for 50% off the first month.

With that membership, you get:

– 3GB, 999 Domains Web Hosting
– 100 Sequential Autoresponders
– 60 ADDITIONAL Memberships
– 12,000 PLR/MRR/RR Products
– NEW Products Every 2nd Day
– Unlimited Product Downloads
– As so much more…. you need to read the page at:

At the bottom of that page, you are offered
A monthly membership, an annual membership, and a lifetime

I took that lifetime membership because it made the most
economic sense.

NOTE: When you do go for the Lifetime Membership, there is
a Coupon Code displayed right on the order form that saves
you a whopping $500.

When you get the Lifetime Or Annual Membership, I have
TWO Very Valuable BONUSES For You.

1) The first is TEN Membership Sites Valued At $997.

I encourage you to check out those sites at:

Those sites are set up so that you can sell, or even
give away the frontend membership, and then earn 100%
when your members upgrade.

Each of the sites is also configured to offer a variety
of appropriate products, with ALL of the recommendations
coded with YOUR Affiliate Links.

Each of the 10 Sites is also set up so that when someone
joins they are added to YOUR autoresponder. So, you can
build 10 different segmented list at the same time.

When you get the Lifetime or Annual Membership, I am
also going to give you TWO Valuable Domain Names.

You can choose from the list posted at: which is updated several
times a day. Some of these domain names are personal names…
valued as high as $8000.

So, depending upon which domain names you choose, that
second bonus could easily be worth $15,000.

To claim the first bonus, after you place your order
you will be redirected to an area to access your
product. There, you will see a link to my helpdesk, and
I request that you submit a support ticket telling me
that you just ordered and would like to be set up with
the 10 Membership Sites.

Someone on my team will respond to your support ticket
setting things up for you and emailing you your log-in
to a control panel where you manage all 10 membership

I request that you use the helpdesk because that’s much
more reliable than email these days.

If for some reason you don’t see the link to my helpdesk,
it’s at:

Instructions for choosing your two domain names, first
confirming which ones are still available are on my
page at:

The VERY BEST Deal is the Lifetime Membership in
Unselfish Marketer.

That membership after the $500 Coupon Discount is $1997.

My bonuses are worth $997 + $15,000 = $15,997

So, your investment really “costs you”
$1997 – $15,997 = – $14,000

Yes, you come out $14k ahead in real-world value.

At the same time, the Lifetime deal might now be for
you, and you save quite a bit on the annual deal (when
compare to the month-to-month membership).

That doesn’t mean that if you absolutely can’t swing
either that you shouldn’t go for the month-to-month

still get you the first month’s membership at 50%
off. However, you don’t get the $15,997 in bonuses
with the month-to-month.

Go ahead and take a look at each of the URL’s that are
mentioned in this email, and you’ll see that this really
IS The Grandmother Of All Deals!

Let me know if you have any question.

Today, should be the day that you make a life-changing
decision in your entrepreneurial life… one that you’ll
be happy you made.

I’ll see you at the bank, or the beach, or perhaps on a

To your success,
Willie Crawford

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