‘Done-For-You’ List Building & Funnels…(52% Optin Rates)

‘Done-For-You’ List Building & Funnels…(52% Optin Rates)

If you’ve been around the web marketing industry for
even a short period of time you’ll know that in order
to grow your lists faster, to improve your ‘brand’ and to
start making real money you need your own product(s) to sell…

Maybe a book, better a video training course or better
still, a membership site.

It’s A Fact: Of all digital products, memberships have the
highest perceived value for buyers – And from my 25 years
‘in the trenches’ experience, the most profitable types of
membership site use a ‘freemium’ model (where you have a FREE
entry level to boost conversions with PREMIUM/paid higher levels
to increase profits)

A Freemium Based Membership Is Great ..

MULTIPLE Freemium Based Memberships Are Better!

In fact, I’m seeing freemium sign up rates are as high
as 52% with an average of 45% across this network of sites.

That means for every 100 people visiting the offer page
45 people sign up. Since on avg most people are lucky to
get a 20%-25% optin rate on their landing pages, being
able to get 45% or more across multiple sites is great.

Then once they sign up an avg of 10% take one or more of the
upgrade options from the built in funnels that are all set up
behind each one.

I’m sure you know this already…

But as a busy entrepreneur, the idea of building an entirely
new membership site then sweating over video/training content
(for multiple levels of membership), getting the sales funnels
tested and tweaked, managing the ticking technical time bombs
and the prospect of supporting hundreds/even thousands of members
on a daily basis is just out of reach.

But here’s the good news…

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and several months
developing your own membership site, instead of trying to juggle
all those moving parts.


These guys been building successful membership sites for over 15 years
and their networks keep hundreds of thousands of members happy and
coming back for more – They’ll do EVERYTHING for you…

And even better, it’s all done and waiting for you and it’s just
minutes away…

So you can start getting paid today…not in six months from now.

Not Just One FREEMIUM Membership But TEN Of Them!

Imagine getting over 40% optin rates from the traffic you
send to build up your lists, then getting paid direct payments
right to your PayPal account over and over again from the
funnels that are behind them.

All Done For You!

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To your membership site success,
Willie Crawford

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