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Coaching And Consulting



Now You Can Have A Verified Internet Marketing Authority Take You Under His Wings And Mentor You Step-By-Step To Actually Building A Successful Six or Seven-Figure Internet-based Business!

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WillieCrawford’s Diamond Circle Mentoring Program

Willie Crawford Teaching At Millionaires Bootcamp In

I’m Willie Crawford,

I’m a seasoned information product marketer, who actively sells
my own line of products that include:

  • Ebooks
  • Downloadable Audio and Video Products
  • DVDS
  • Physical Books
  • Software
  • Membership Sites
  • Live Seminars And Bootcamps
  • Product Licenses

I now take on a very limited number of consulting/mentoring clients.
The consultations are to help you better define and move forward
in all aspects of your internet marketing business. I offer
advice and guidance based upon my experience operating my personal
businesses, my training (online since 1996) and what I’ve learned
from my mentors.

mentoring is best suited for individuals seeking to develop
and market their own information products. I guide you from
product concept, through product creation, to getting your product
online and selling through a websitewith a steady flow
of targeted traffic (buying customers).

emphasized the last bit above because that’s just one of the
places where my mentoring program is different. I don’t just
leave you hanging. I guide you through getting your product
online, through generating traffic, and then through analyzing
your sales process, and making any necessary corrections.

You Don’t Have To Figure It Out On Your Own But You Do Need To Be SERIOUS And Proactive!

In order to become one of my clients, you must complete a short
explaining what it is that you hope to gain
from this relationship. If you are considering this program
please download the survey in Microsoft Word by right clicking here!

After completing the application, we will get back to you as soon
as practical as to whether or not we can accept you as a client
at this time.

If do not need the full Diamond Circle Mentoring Program I offer
the following, one-on-one piece-meal consultations:

1/2 Hour Telephone Consultation $400
1 Hour Telephone Consultation $800
Month-to-Month Consultation $3000 Per Month
Review Of Your Ebook Project – I review your ebook and your proposed marketing plan/material, offering feedback and advice. $800
Review Of Your Software Project – I review your software and your proposed marketing plan/material, offering feedback and advice. $1000
Joint Venture Brokered – I located affiliates/joint
venture partners for your product launch or re launch, coordinate on the marketing plan and marketing tools. I do not serve as your affiliate manager.
$5000 Up front Fee Plus 10% Of Sales

“Telephone consultations” may also be via email or in-person if you prefer. In person consultations are best arranged in concert with my attendance at seminars and conferences. To get my latest speaking/seminar attendance schedule simply request
the latest via autoresponder at:

speaking engagements have included:

  • London, England
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Denver, Colorado

To arrange a consultation, simply email my support staff at

In the email, indicated which consultation option you desire. My staff will schedule a time and send you an invoice to make the payment.

With the Diamond Circle Mentoring Program you’ll get:


* Unlimited
Private Mentoring via phone, Skype, email, and in
person (You travel to the same city I am in).
* Assistance
in mapping out your goals and plans, followed by guidance
as you proceed along the path we jointly agree to.
*  Free
critiques of your websites, sales letters or marketing
material you create. We jointly refine and test your
* Where
appropriate, matching you up with appropriate partners
who are also mentoring clients. We do this for leverage,
but this is only possible in certain situations. You
may be in a niche where it’s not practical.
* Unlimited
guidance in creating information products in any format
or niche.
* Guidance
in generating initial flow of website traffic and
evaluating conversion metrics.
* Periodic
reviews of your project status, and necessary course
* An opportunity
to set up joint ventures and projects with me. Most
of my larger joint ventures will be set up with clients
simply because I will know them, their capabilities,
and their mindset better than I will that of a stranger.
* Someone
to hold you accountable for following up on your goals
and plans.



term of the mentoring agreement is 1 year and is renewable.
Rates may increase at the end of the contract year (rates have
increased each year in recent history).

is $24,997 per year (non-negotiable). However, all available
slots are currently filled. You may still print out and submit
your survey to be added to our waiting list. As people naturally
reach their goals, and grow beyond my coaching, new slots will
come open. If you submit the survey, I’ll give you an idea of
how soon an opening may come available, provided we appear compatible.

To proceed,
please download this survey,
fill it out and email it back
to us.

Here’s what one
of my coaching clients had to say:


wanted to share this because it’s meant a lot to my family
and me.

tried a couple major campaigns at the beginning of the yearvthat
didn’t take off & inadvertently went backwards in
the sales department in the process. Unable to quickly, and
even slowly
turn things back around, I turned to coaching for help, as I’ve
read about successful small business owners leaping ahead this
way in several periodicals recently.

My husband owns his own business and I own mine. So we compete
in a way, off the record. So no slacking for long…!

line: I sought help. I looked to Warrior Willie Crawford for
help since I’d already been using his free 20-lesson ecourse
for the past year (printed out in a notebook) and interacting
with his free Saturday telephone calls. And I also checked out
a couple other coaches – -even one big-name locally (Business
media have been publishing articles a lot lately about how good

coaches can supply targeted help quickly).

Willie’s program offered THE best. Period. And I am thankful
that after I completed his application and we interviewed over
the phone, that we were a good fit. And here’s why:

A. His
program is not just marketing / business oriented, but is a
well-rounded program incorporating your family and spiritual
life into your planning. No other coach even touched on anything
outside the business arena.

B. Willie
lives what he teaches. Whether it’s his free products
and services or paid ones, you ALWAYS get top-notch from Willie.
Some others were super friendly and nice and quick returning
communications until you invest even the smallest amount of
cash / time. Then forget it. You were yesterday’s news;
no return calls, emails, squat – -until they returned from 4
days – a week of
rest-and –relaxation or whatever one week, then who-knows-what/when
the next…. No way with Willie. He’s constant. Period.
(So is his family if they answer the phone – great folks!!)

C. Willie
HAS his products / services & other marketer’s products,
too. Some coaches don’t have squat. Willie can advise
you about books, videos, cassettes, workshops, – – about any
of marketing – – -because he has done all these and still does.
If what he has is outdated, he’ll let you know and share
the latest info.

D. OFFLINE – Willie offers both online and offline marketing.
Crucial today – -just look at email issues – -ugh!

now for point-blank ways he’s helped, so you know this
isn’t all fluff! The following is excerpted from pages
that I log and track weekly to share with Willie so that we
both note my companies’ progress. Note there is a lot
of work and interaction during the week:

1. More
broadening of thinking – -been taking notes on the print Millionaire
book interviews and applying the info with every day life. (Willie
mailed me this book. He targets items to help you
with specific goals.)

2. Your
targeted opinions on my projects are helpful, often offering
additional direction than I would have taken; IE including info
on setting up an upsell using the Profitautomation order form
& calling people …

3. Began
(media name) new writer project for cash income, since we already
have a trade deal with ads ongoing. And it’s 12 months
instead of 9 now. (Project has since doubled in scope, including
cash income, too, & brought in cash-paying referral work.)

4. Just
found out that I was turned down as a speaker at an event that
I’d applied at last year (have to apply a year in advance).
However, instead of accepting “no,” I called for
more info. & am going to receive via postal mail a list
of speakers who were chosen to see if I could assist them with
their presentations & contact them individually, as the
chairlady advised. (This is a
great annual event here in Central Ohio & I even get paid
to cover it for a magazine- so this would be a win-win all-around

5. My
print book/workbook set has helped with clients a lot – – really
sharpens professional image & kicks off conversations about
helping the prospects with their own books, my goal of course!!
(Willie had edited my book that had been in the works for 3
years, helped with publication logistics/resources and it FINALLY
got published). Sold my first set already!

6. I
revamped pages so that they all matched with the same professional
template (from a Warrior package I purchased somewhere for under

7. I
actually FINALLY loaded up an ezine – -and for the entire year.
Links are already being clicked and my site visited more. Wow!!
(Took over 3 years for my own ezine to get going!!)

8. I’m
focusing on list building by actually announcing this ezine
on key webpages and setting up a sign-up form for is and other
automated courses/ materials. So far my list went from 150 to
a little over 1500, after I invited the majority of stragglers
I’d gathered over the years to the main weekly ezine,
MAP: Top Tips.

9. Changed
the wording of my print classified to include “writing”
instead of “ebooks” in my services (offered) – –
this has again proved beneficial. Just like last month when
immediately caught the eye of the newspaper itself who runs
the ad & didn’t even think about my writing as a service
& then read the ad and hired me for a year-long project,
a 2nd local company
called and asked my company to subcontract on writing projects

Wanting to be able to use the coaching in my personal life as
well and this also has happened. (Willie helped with major family
problem with wonderful advice, sharing and a great ebook).

To wrap,
there is so much more I could add. My family, spiritual &
income goals are back on track. Products are done and new ones
in the works. An Internet, print postcard, print classified
other marketing programs are in progress. And more…

line: if you put the “pedal to the metal” with a
coach, you get:

1. Increased

2. Much
improved family time & spiritual re-awakening

3. Feedback-
you’ll get a “been there, done that” and often
skip an entire project in the works that wouldn’t have
helped you at all – and free you to focus on something
that WILL help.

4. Advice
/ Editing / Resources – – You get help with classified ads,
website content, lead generation, book projects, you-name-it.
A great coach will direct you to resources if he
can’t do it himself. No need to surf endlessly, walk the
yellow pages, pull your hair out with failed trials, etc. Just
ask & get back to work.

5. A
JV with your coach – – you join his team. And he’s on

free course is here: or visit

you’re all welcome to any Freebies from my online bookstore,

good-bye Winter – — & off to a great Spring!!!!

Diana Barnum ”

you can see, you get positive, powerful RESULTS!

Willie Crawford
206 Bartonwood Court
Niceville, Florida 32578

Phone 850-621-2116


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